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Oushadha Kanji kit (medicated porridge) also known as Karkidaka kanji kit is ready to cook medicated seasonal porridge which is considered the best-medicated supplement during the Mansoon period. It improves immunity and also cures several alignments. Njavara (Oryza Sativa) is the unique variety of rice specifically used for the preparation of this porridge.

Oushadha kanji kit is prepared out of more than 35 herbs and unpolished organic Njavara rice. The powdered herbs and Njavara rice are packed separately. Consumption of medicated porridge for a minimum of 7-14 days is prescribed by Ayurveda acharyas during the monsoon period for boosting immunity. This provides the betterment of several Vata rogas, improves digestion and laxation.


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